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Not complaining

Silver Gryphon Games didn't make it to KantCon by Friday afternoon, which is when we had to head home so I could host my regular D&D game.  The people running the convention were surprised that SGG even said they were coming, given that one of the primary people lost a child last month in a tragic accident.
Needless to say, I'm not complaining.  Mac got in a game of Microlite20 when the DM allowed him to come in even though he wasn't pre-registered, and I spent the morning playing board games with Macy, who rarely gets me all to herself.
In the afternoon after lunch with Mrs. Q who popped over from work we bombed around the convention and I ran a quick mini-adventure for the two kids using their Ingenium characters.  I didn't end up buying anything except some souvenirs for the kids.  I saw the new "it's not a Monster Manual" for OSRIC, but a glance through it didn't thrill me.  I considered succumbing to my temptation to buy an interesting looki…

An Endorsement

Or rather, a referral.  There are a lot of good people out there in the RPG world.  Last year I was at KantCon, a gaming convention which quite honestly has some logistical problems, the top of which is that they don't have enough events scheduled to handle walk-in traffic.  All the listed games were filled with pre-registrants, and my kids and I found ourselves twiddling our thumbs for a few hours waiting in hope that there would be space in later timeslots.
To pass the time I bought an RPG that touted a "three minute PC creation system" called Ingenium by Silver Gryphon Games.  It is, by all accounts, a "fantasy heartbreaker," meaning a fantasy RPG with a host of familiar tropes along with a home-grown game system.  It is a quirky game that has some editing problems and some curious omissions in terms of rules, but my kids loved the game.  They loved having cat- and wolf-people and humans with wings as PC races.  They loved the dirt-simple character creation …