Blue Sphere Comics

Blue Sphere Comics was a concept that came out of a long discussion I had with other superhero RPG GameMasters about how to best introduce the fundamental concepts behind our campaign worlds to our players.  My idea was to create a fake comic book company with its own publication history, and then let the players read about the characters of "Blue Sphere Comics" as if they would articles about DC or Marvel characters.

As it turns out, my players and I decided to build a campaign world from scratch, with a major event triggering the beginning of superhumans in the world, but the name stuck.  Here are a list of major (and some minor) characters in the campaign.


Most, but not all, of the superheroes in the campaign were passengers on an airline flight that suffered a mysterious chemical weapon attack.  Instead of dying, some have manifested strange abilities.

Kroxigor: a bouncer at a nightclub who was transformed in a giant reptilian humanoid with tremendous strength and toughness.  (Introduced in Issue #1)

Menagerie: Lucy was a dog rescued from a dogfighting ring and was being transported in the hold of Flight 246 when she was exposed to the mysterious gas.  She gained the ability to transform into any animal, including a human being, as well as gaining human intelligence.  Most are unaware of her original form. (Introduced in Issue #1)

Combustion: a young African-American student who gained fire-projection abilities that he can barely control. (Introduced in Issue #2)

Brainwave: a psychiatrist who possesses telepathic abilities and was given an armored costume to keep him protected from harm.  (Introduced in Issue #2)

Psidearm: one of the few heroes not on Flight 246, Psidearm is a secretive government agent with a high-tech arsenal and mild telepathic abilities. (Introduced in Issue #3)

Armor: a football coach at Golden Bay University who can create shapes out of force fields including a glowing suit of armor around himself. (Introduced in Issue #3)

Tempest: a grad student at Golden Bay University who can control the weather. (Introduced in Issue #3)

Nightshade: a botanist who became a plant/human hybrid and can control plant growth and exude toxic spores from his body. (Introduced in Issue #4)


Elasticator: a petty thief with stretching abilities and a penchant for trouble (Introduced in Issue #1)

Kesarex: a purported alien seeking information on the attack on Flight 246.  He wears powered armor and can project powerful energy bolts.  He is supported by shadowy aliens he can summon at will. (Introduced in Issue #1)

Fox: an agent for the Secret Empire who employs a formidable arsenal and advanced training to try to capture superhumans for study. (Introduced in Issue #2)

Howl: Fox's partner, a cyborg with the ability to project debilitating sonic blasts but is incapable of speech. (Introduced in Issue #2)

Heavyset: a brutish thug with a abnormally obese body with tremendous strength and resistance to damage.  (Introduced in Issue #3)

The Iron Duke: a Nazi robot from World War II, now reactivated in the present. (Introduced in Issue #3)

The Secret Empire: a shadowy organization attempted to capture and study superhumans, capable of producing super-powered agents of their own, and with deep connections in civilian institutions such as the Golden Bay Police Department. (Introduced in Episode #2)

Other NPC's

Dr, Tom Gillcrest: the head researcher at Equinox Labs and tasked by the government to study what happened to Flight 246.

Gen. McAllister: the military liaison to Equinox Labs and secretly in charge of "Project S"

Detective Taryn Low: a detective in the GCPD.

Detective Joe Shoemaker: a detective in the GCPD and Taryn Low's partner, currently missing.

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