Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Vicious Circle [Bash gaming recap]

I was looking over my blog posts and thought, "I haven't written since March?  Did I even run something this month?"  And sure enough, I had, but had not written a gaming recap.

I suspect part of that was because it was a brief gaming session that didn't move the needle a lot except introduce the group to the archtypical Evil Billionaire Genius Supervillain and throw down with a bunch of supervillain flunkies (the eponymous Vicious Circle).  What was good about the session was some solid roleplaying with the villain and some very clever group tactics in the combat.  That's to be celebrated.

I'll confess to a certain amount of ennui regarding the campaign, however.  Maybe it's all the other stuff going on right now, but I'm not really fired up.  I can tell when things are bad when I end up just recycling plots and swiping NPC's from the back of the book.  Bash! was always meant to be sort of a pick-up, get-me-through-the-divorce kind of RPG campaign, and it's doing that well.  The players like the rules and the game, but I'm not connecting with the game in a way that I like to feel myself, when I'm excited about the characters and it bangs around my brain while I'm walking the dog or driving long distances.  It is more like "well, let's cobble some villains together to throw at the PC's."

I'm sure what is not helping is the fact that I'm only really gaming three hours a month in a single session.  With a larger group slowing down combat, that means we are lucky to get one combat encounter and one solid roleplaying/procedural scene into a single session.  I've been trying to wrangle a second session each month, but with another campaign in the gaming group, it has not been easy.

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