Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Getting caught up on things

First of all, I switched out the "new" fancy theme of the blog, because I wasn't really caring for it.  Back to the classic layout, I say!

Second, I haven't posted in almost a month.  I'm in the thick of the roller derby season, which means making lots of practices, etc.  I am still running Bash, the superhero RPG.  We had a session last Friday, one that focused on my son's character, the Samoan superhero Haka.  Bash has been a fun game to run, and I feel like there are a lot of plot lines to be explored, especially ones connected to the PC's backstory.  But...

We also returned back to my basement, which was a welcome change

Two members of my gaming group have indicated their desire to run a game: Rachel wants to run Star Trek using the Last Unicorn Games; Tony wants to do a Victorian-era Sherlock Holmes game using Baker Street.  Now, I'm leaving it to them to schedule these games, but that makes for a crowded landscape.

Also in July I went to KantCon and once again ran into the fine folk at Paragon Notion, who are still working on their sci-fi/superhero game The Ultimate Hero.  I was flattered that they remembered me, especially as the blogger who cranked out a ton of NPC's for their game as a monthly challenge a while back.  They told me one of those NPC's got worked into some of their material, so that's very cool (as was the softcover copy of the most recent edition of their rules that they gave me).

I always end up playing some random game I never have played before at KantCon, in this case the FFG version of Star Wars, which I own but have never played. The kids and I all got a chance to play, and we had a pretty good time.  I still feel like the symbol-dice resolution is very subjective: what does having one failure but three advantages feel like versus two failures and two advantages, for example.  But I can sit comfortably with a lot of GM control over such things as long as it feels vaguely fair, and it was nice to see how all that worked in real play.

At KantCon
Finally, I've been benched from my athletic league because of a concussion,which is freeing up a bunch of time for me.  But the concussion doesn't lend itself to staring through magnifying lenses or fine motor coordination for painting miniatures.  That means it is time to cast plaster. I've made a sizeable gothic modular dungeon, and a small cavern-themed modular dungeon, so I figured it was time to do the Hirst Arts fieldstone version.  It'll take a long time, but I have already made some headway on the floors.

Hopefully I can get back on the wagon when it comes to writing regularly.  Thanks for reading and comments always welcome!

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