Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The 11th Hour for Champions Now

I would hate to see someone's pet project almost make it to the finish line but suddenly falter.  Hero Games' retro-clone of the Champions RPG called "Champions Now" is (at the moment of the writing of this blog post) at $18,459 of a $20,000 goal.  For $30 you get a physical and digital copy of the rules, which is a pretty good deal.  I'm personally interested in this project because I thought that later iterations of the Hero System/Champions have become a larger, more complex mess.  For example, in the most current version of Champions you build starter PC's on a 400 point base, rather than 250.

With a little over two days left, why not take a look?  You can find out more here.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day recap

Happy belated Father's Day to all the fathers, step-fathers, teachers, mentors, and other people who identify as male and have chosen to take on the role of caring and nurturing children.

My own children were very sweet and generous this year.  My son bought me Teen Titans: The Silver Age Vol. 1 which I'm enjoying reading for all the campy, hip teen drama.

Speaking of superhero nostalgia, I also decided over the weekend to back the Hero Games Kickstarter for Champions Now, which basically looks to be a "Champions Ed. 3.5" where they update the game but don't take it all the way to being the universal system that was the Big Blue Book.  Unfortunately with just a few days to go and only barely past the halfway mark, I'm not sure this one is going to come to pass.  I've super-curious about it looks should it make it.  I liked the earlier editions of Champions, and there were whole swaths of the Hero System that largely went untouched in most Champions games.

What is a solid lock though is Goblin Games' Advanced Labyrinth Lord Kickstarter.  It's a good price for a hardcover book (or books, which are even cheaper) and a classic OSR game.  Plus it is already funded.

Finally, I'm taking a long, hard look at Evil Hat Productions Blades In The Dark Tabletop Roleplaying Game which looks to be a Ocean's 11/Dishonored/FATE mashup of an RPG that is getting great reviews, but also looks to be a serious disconnect in playing style from my current group.  At less than thirty dollars for over 300 pages of game material, including a super-detailed campaign location, it might just be good to read for the articles, as they say.

So many games, so little time...

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