Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Hufflepuff Game: the beginning

The kid looked at me sheepishly.  "I know your gaming group is full, but I wanted to ask if, maybe, if there was a player who was kind of inconsistent if you might consider letting me sit in on the game in his place."

Now, even if this kid wasn't my daughter's best friend and a pretty decent person, this is a young teenager approaching an adult to whom he is not related and for all intents and purposes is begging for gaming table scraps.

And that kind of courage matters to me.

I know there are GM's who like to limit the size of their gaming groups in order to maintain some consistency and stability.  I get that, and I'm playing in a campaign like that and am enjoying the dynamic of a small, constant group.  I'm not judging their decisions--it's their game and they can and should do what they want.

But I don't like telling people who are interested in getting to a gaming group but lack the wherewithal to form their own that there's no place for them.  And in the last year, there's been a lot of them.  But now, since the group for whom I've been hosting games has had two players start their own campaigns, I am free to run another game, one for anyone who wants to play, even if it is a very large group.  I'm calling this my "Hufflepuff Game," inspired by the ethos of that particular house from the Harry Potter books (as sung by the sorting hat):
Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those 
Whose ancestry's purest."
Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose
Intelligence is surest."
Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those
With brave deeds to their name."
Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot
And treat them just the same."
 So developing this game is going to be the thrust of my blog posts for a while.  My general goals for the Hufflepuff Game, for now:

  1. Have fun
  2. Have a creative outlet for myself
  3. Have a game where anyone who wants to play can
More to come!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

H is for How Did I Get So Far Behind?

When I first considered doing this blog challenge, I spent a lot of time telling myself it wasn't going to work.  It was incredibly ambitious, both in terms of even conceiving of 26 supervillains in a month, much less writing them all out using a rules system with which I wasn't intimately familiar.

So here it is, past mid-April and I've just gotten to "G."  I told myself that if I got five days behind, I would consider strongly throwing in the towel, and I'm there.  That isn't to say I did have ideas for the other days.  For example:

  • Homunculus, a gargoyle summoned to this dimension by an evil sorcerer who has been captured by DOSHI.  Now Homunculus searches for a way to free him to he can return home.
  • Ironsides, a major player in the criminal underworld who wears an antique suit of power armor passed down from one generation to another in his family.
  • Judge Not, an anarchist who specifically targets law enforcement entities for the way they enforce societal order.
  • Khula Khan, a were-tiger who is attempting to create a sovereign nation-state of lycanthropes.
I just have not had the time to write all of it down.

So for now I think I'm done.  I may still try to get some of these to paper (so to speak), and I still think that The Ultimate Hero has some interesting wrinkles in it that set it apart from a lot of other supers RPG's, such as the geo-political angles and exploring alien cultures.  Thanks for following along and for all the support I've received.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

G is for Getaway

I mentioned in my last post that I had been contacted by the creators of The Ultimate Hero that they were changing the PC creation rules, which I've been using for the April A-to-Z Blog Challenge.  They followed up by saying the rules were not changing substantially, and that my previous (and future) entries will translate into the newer rules without difficulty.  So I continue!


Charisma 3
Intelligence 5 (Primary)
Will Power 3
Dexterity 5
Stamina 2
Strength 3

Race: Kasen, Gatekeeper
Power Level 1
Motivation: Greed
Disadvantages: Wanted (major)
Advantages: Attribute Bonus 5 (Intelligence), Portal Keeper, Secret Identity, Iron Will, Skill Point Bonus
Skills: Brawling, Range, Athletics, Perception, Subterfuge (Escape, Stealth)
Racial Powers: Improved Movement; +1 Racial bonus to Spot, Listen, and Tracking Specializations; Low Tech; Teleportation, Mystical Presence
Powers: Teleportation 2, Invisibility, Psi-Shield, Protected Senses

Saves: Kinetic 0, General 0, Will 1
Defense: Passive 10, Active 15 
Health: 48
Endure Pain: 3
Power Pool: 130
Power Channeling: 7

Equipment: longbow, dagger, armored vest

Background: The Kasen are one of the three alien races allied with humanity.  The Kasen are feline, lynx-like in appearance, and have a markedly more primitive culture than the other three.  Centuries ago they were taken in by the Xeros and protected and nurtured by that race.  The Kasen are a deeply spiritual people, with a profound ability to manifest both superhuman, psychic, and magical abilities in a way that blurs the traditional lines between those powers.

One of the most important groups within Kasen society are the Gatekeepers, shamans who possess the ability to teleport great distances, even across solar systems.  The Kasen are believed to have visited other worlds through this manner despite their lack of even modern technology.  Gatekeepers are respected as spiritual leaders and guides for the Kasen, which is why "Getaway" is such a source of public shame for the entire race.

Getaway was the scion of one of the most powerful of the Gatekeepers, a Portal Keeper who could teleport people light years in a moment.  Rather than embrace Kasen tradition, Getaway instead became enamored with the hedonistic lifestyle he witnessed in other races, especially humanity.  He eschewed his role as a future Portal Keeper and abandoned Kasen society to hire himself out to the wealthy of the criminal underworld, providing transportation services to smugglers, thieves, and others.  These enterprises in turn help fund his lavish lifestyle (poorly managed to the point where he is often seeking work).

Getaway is considered a high-priority target by the Kasen authorities, who constantly pressure DOSHI to capture him.  Getaway's powers, however, make this nigh-impossible, but sooner or later his luck may run out.
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