Patreons and Parties

For a while I was really getting into Kickstarter for various 3D printing options, and while there are still some out there, I found myself often getting more than I could ever reasonably print, but still paying for the files.
To compromise between being practical and still enjoying the thrill of finding new things to do with my printer to support my hobbies, I decided to explore Patreon instead, finding a couple of artists who do work I like who could then keep me in a steady flow of new material for a reasonable rate.
Four artists I support are Aaron Mulder, Rocket Pig Games, Pinyo, and PrintYourMonsters.  Of those four, Aaron Mulder tends to make items to use with Fat Dragon Games' modular dungeons and Pinyo tends to make buildings (incredible ones). It's Rocket Pig and PYM that ship out monthly designs of miniatures, which I want to incorporate into my games somehow.
In August, Rocket Pig released a ton of undersea creatures.  I'm not entirely sure how those get used in a typical fantasy campaign, but I suspect it has something to do with WotC releasing their Saltmarsh campaign.  PYM has recently released a bunch of carnivorous plants, which work really nicely with Rocket Pig's July release of corrupted forest creatures.  Both of them have given teaser images of their next month's projects, shown below.

So checking in with myself and my own head, what am I feeling about all this?

  • I'm getting tired of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage.  I spent a chunk of time on an airplane over the weekend, and read through about six of the chapters of the book.  It's well written, clever, and I'm surprised at how many of the levels of the dungeon a party could theoretically roleplay their way through, rather than hack and slash.  But it isn't mine.  There's parts that seem silly, or pointless, or just don't strike the right tone with me.  Visualizing running this for another year isn't appealing, and it might be time to pull the plug.
  • I'd like to combine the "universe" of both D&D groups, for lots of reasons.  But that means finding a way to retcon a lot of the canonical underpinnings of one or the other campaign.
  • I really wouldn't mind exploring some new rulesets.  Ruin Masters is due out in October or November.  There's Shadow of the Demon Lord, which has a darker horror tone.  Or there are scores of OGL-empowered clones out there to be explored.  Changing games would be another way to shake the figurative Etch-a-Sketch of my gaming groups.
More to come soon, including finding a way to fold my Patreons' product into my gaming groups.


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