Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Nail in the Coffin

Well, of the two remaining players in my game, one texted (not called) me today to say that he had some "family stuff" to do.  When I asked if everything in his family was okay, he admitted that basically he had gotten a better offer than hanging out playing a board game with the other two gamers.
Here is where I think things are.  I think the game's done.  Or rather, unless I can conjure up two or three more players, we're done.  And right now, I'm not seeing too many possibilities, no one coming forward.
So, here's my plan.  Or rather, my plans.  First, I made some inquiries about a game in the Big City.  It would be a long drive, and maybe a little too often for my schedule, but perhaps I could hop in and out.  Second, I think I'll put together my own game, and after years of fantasy games I think I'll do something different: a superhero RPG.  The genre lends itself to episodic adventures, and if I make the backstory a sort of "Justice League Unlimited" set-up, I could cycle in both players and PC's easily.
Superhero RPG's, especially Champions, were always a favorite of mine.  I've been reading more comics lately, mostly graphic novels from the library (they have whole shelves of them).  I think I'll throw together a story or two, pick a date, and see what I can scare up.

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