Friday, January 27, 2012

Reason #2 I should do a Secret Wars Campaign

The Terran City of Denver

One thing that was never really fully developed in the Secret Wars was the fact that a chunk of the city of Denver was taken to the Battleworld.  The biggest impact the city had was providing new characters Spider-Woman, Titania, and Volcana to the roster.

But, in my version of the Secret Wars, Denver has become a stranded community of humans in another galaxy.  Forced to find a way to survive on the Battleworld, the local government of Denver has teamed up with the remaining heroes to develop a strong, safe community.  In order to meet the essential needs like power and food, some of the alien technology found on the Battleworld has been co-opted by the residents of Denver.

The city is run by a five person council, one representative elected from four different quadrants, and one representative from the superhero community (currently that's the Human Torch, now almost fifty years old).  The five elect from their own body one person to serve as mayor, but that person can not be the person from the superhero community.  This was done to ensure the populace did not feel that the superheroes were controlling all aspects of their lives.

Many brave people have taken to living in the outskirts of Denver on farms to help provide enough food for the city, and to get out of the urban crowding that is occurring. To help keep people content the city commissioned a second football team, the Mustangs, to regularly play the Broncos in exhibition football matches.  It's a friendly rivalry, and most people either root for one team or the other.

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