Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So did you hear there's a new edition of D&D coming out?

It's all over the blogosphere, but the covers of the latest edition of D&D has been released.

A introductory box set ($20), followed by the Players' Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide, all at $50 each.  I think the art is better than the "bound tome" look of Third Edition, or the blocky "World of Warcraft knockoff" look of Fourth Edition.  But honestly I find any attempt to discern anything about the game based on the covers to be pretty optimistic on the part of the reviewer.  Ironically, all four covers depict scenarios in which I think the PC should be dead in just a couple of turns, but that's not particularly heroic.  What I do find amusing as hell is how the 1st Edition D&D depicted the game playing experience.

Six guys defeat two lizardmen and then steal the gems out of a idol without a lot of forethought.  Sounds about right.  What about the Dungeon Master?

Two guys face off against a major demon to rescue a scantily-clad woman.   That's what I guess aspiring DM's should be hoping happens in their campaign, but I'd also like to throw that back at anyone saying that 5th Edition's covers seem a little "over the top."

I'll admit that I'll likely pick up all three main rulebooks, first because I'm a collector and second because I'm enough of a fan of D&D to want to take a look and at least consider running them.

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