Monday, September 1, 2014

Reality Check Ahead

After finishing Autocratik's "RPGaDAY" blogathon, I find myself with a lot to think about.

Right now, in theory I play in an RPG run by a friend every other Friday.  I say "in theory" because there are always the inevitable schedule conflicts, but on the whole this group has been my regular "home game" for the last four years or so.

I've also begun to occasionally go to a board game night at my church run by a local Meetup group.  A few members of my RPG group participate as well.  This group meets once a month on a Saturday night.

Just recently my daughter got invited to another board game group meeting at a different church, but one that a lot of her former classmates attend.  Being a part of this group means she can keep in contact with them, even though she now attends a different school.  Again this group meets monthly on a Saturday.

So, in theory, I'm playing either in an RPG or board game event four times a month.  That's not even including the two nights a week I drive an hour to practice roller derby, both weeknights.  That's eight more evenings.  I will say that this may be coming to an end, however.  I've gotten injured twice so far and the toll is getting too high.

So, roughly speaking, almost every other night--twelve times in four weeks--I'm doing something that qualifies as recreational.  On the other side I'm working a full time job, plus an additional side job that takes up about five hours a week.  Plus my regular job just tried to pin me with more work in the last week. Twice. 

And then I'm raising two kids.  Which is the best part of my life, but often ends up competing for my time against all the other stuff that isn't as important.

All of which is to say that every time I start thinking about starting something or taking on something, I'm beginning to question whether that is wise.  I also think I might have too much now: dropping or even cutting back on derby practices would help.  One night of board gaming (the one with my daughter's friends, since I see the other people at the home game) rather than two could be something.  Definitely keeping work under a dull roar would be good.

But playing and board games don't stoke my creative energies, which is a problem, and one I might have to address.  I have always been a dreamer, and not having something for my hyperactive brain to chew on could be a bad thing.  More later.

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  1. Argh. My phone ate my really awesome comment.
    Short version: parse out what really sustains you - social outlet? dreaming time? leading a group (or not!)? time to build and work with your hands in a creative way?
    Knowing that will help you find something that helps fit your interests AND your needs, which is ideal unless you have extra hours in your days. If you have extra hours....we need to talk.