Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ferretverse, or Ferret International

So if you've been reading Spider-Man lately, you know that there has been this whole "Spider-verse" storyline going on.  For those who aren't reading it, a family of interdimensional vampires has been roaming around feeding on the spider-essences of various spider-men (or women, or pigs, or monkeys) from different alternative dimensions.  Twigged to the situation, a bunch of the different Spider-men have teamed up to stop them, with the Doc-Ock "Superior Spider-Man" in the lead.

Now while I think that Marvel has been dragging this event out for a very long time, and may be using it as a way to test-market new Spider-Man concepts (like the Gwen Stacy Spider-Girl, which appears to be a huge hit), my kids are loving the gazillion different Spider-Men.  One of kids, readers may remember, is the player of "The Ferret" from my Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game last year and now he is on me to create a "Ferretverse" storyline where he can stat up a bunch of alternative universe versions of the half-man, half-ferret superhero including, but not limited to "90's Iron Age Ferret," "Steampunk Ferret," and "Man-Ferret, the ferret who gained the powers of human beings."

Got his costume right here.
My other child, the player of teen superhero Bubblegum and Batman-esque heroine Ghost Raven has been also interested in the "Batman Family" series of comic books out there.  They are often a little adult for her, but she likes the smart female characters of the series, like Batgirl and the Huntress.

That got me thinking about what it would be like to do a superhero RPG campaign with a group of non-powered but related characters, like the various Batman-related titles such as Batman International.  Superhero RPG groups tend towards your Avengers or Justice League: mid- to high-powered superheroes with widely divergent concepts.  This would be the opposite.  I don't think I could use MHR to do it: their non-superpower rules tend to be highly abstracted.  Everyone would just have "Combat Master" and "Weapon d8" and the like.  I feel like a little more detail would help differentiate everyone, including the villains.

This is me just spitballing ideas right before the holidays.  I was glad to write up something fun.   Thanks for reading!

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