Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday Night Gaming Recap: the Ride of the Demon Frogs!

(L-R) Thief, Monk, Monk, Bard, Paladin, Warlock
It's another game night, and after having fled from confronting the Basilisk on level three of the Tomb of Abysthor, the group decides to spend this session clearing out the top level.  Since the monsters are generally worse the farther you go down, this meant a lot of easy, low-XP encounters.  However, the group did manage to find no less than two different treasure hoards, so they are feeling pretty flush with cash right now.

At one point they did come across a large, underground lake, which turned out to be the home of a half dozen Giant Poisonous Dire Frogs!  Flaria the bard managed to charm one with a spell, while the others were slowly killed by the PC's.  At one point, however, Alaric the monk was dragged into the lake by a giant frog, and so Durton the half-orc paladin had only option: ride the charmed Giant Poisonous Dire Frog into battle!

Sadly, D&D minis never made a Giant Poisonous Dire Frog miniature.
The group has, however, managed to find an entrance to one of the lowest levels in the dungeon.  With some heavy-hitting guys on that level, and the Easter season about to slow things down, I think it might be time to bring together all ten players and do a WoW-style raid on level 5!

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