Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Introducing the Deathwish Brigade!

It's been a long time since I've done a superhero RPG session of any kind, and the kids have been asking me to run something for them during the summer.  Between the upcoming Suicide Squad live action movie and their recently watching Assault on Arkham (which was excellent), my son and daughter were pressuring me to run a "Suicide Squad" style story featuring characters from the old "Ultimate Posse" campaign (which was my old campaign using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying).

So who is part of the crew of villains (and heroes) assembled by UNTIL?

The Ferret (in his Deathstriker villain disguise)

Bubblegum, disguised as "Black Licorice"

Brawl, an NPC who has appeared before in the campaign

Thunder, an inexperience "villain"

Lightning, Thunder's husband and fellow novice villain

Unicorn, a Russian superspy

The group had to eliminate an African dictator/supervillain called "The Golden Lion" who had usurped the throne of his country and was using his new power to make deals with shady terrorist organizations.


UNTIL needed him removed without creating a martyr, or an international incident.  The session included plenty of inter-party confict, double-crosses, and things going wrong, just like a typical Suicide Squad adventure.  Eventually the group managed to despose the dictator and put the rightful heir on the throne, and Control, one of the directors of UNTIL, told the Ferret and Bubblegum that the Deathwish Brigade might return in the future.

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  1. Sounds pretty awesome, and kudos to you for making it work.

    I can't bring myself to run a Suicide Squad/Thunderbolts type game. I know that I, Adam, would have a lot of trouble having PCs villains as the 'stars of the show'. I wouldn't like them, and that's not really fair to the players.