Thursday, July 2, 2015

Leaving the Nest

If you saw my group photo from my last blog post you know I have ten players in my group, down from eleven now that Ben has moved on to a new job.  Of those, five are under the age of fifteen.  Four of them are children of other players, including two of my own, and the fifth is a classmate of several of them.

Juggling eleven (now ten) players has always been a challenge that mostly involved me running lots of sessions each month to ensure that everyone got to game at least twice a month. But now that is about to change.  One of the young players has decided to try his hand at running a game, as the other youth players are going to move into his game.  That means we now have two campaigns: a youth one with a GM and four players, and an adult one with one GM (me) and five players.

Obviously there are some big positives to this.  For one thing, it's exciting to see another generation of gamers start their own, separate campaigns.  Second, it is a a lot easier to manage logistically.  Third, one of the subtle things I've had to massage is the PG/R rating issue to the campaign, both in terms of my stories and the player's behavior.  That's not to say there's inappropriate adult behavior, just a lot of teenage shenanigans sometimes.

Hopefully the junior campaign (or whatever we are going to call it) will go well.  I think that there are several of the youth contingent (junior league?  teen adventurers?) that are interested in running something, so maybe they could have a revolving GM Screen kind of thing if need be.

Anyways, it's big news for the group, so I'll keep you posted.

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