Thursday, May 17, 2018


What do you do when you tell yourself you should dedicate more time to blogging right when you're not doing much in regards to the subject of the blog?

Just write stuff, I guess.

Yesterday I saw on Facebook that the local high school had a D&D club who was doing a fundraiser by selling shirts, so I went over and bought three for myself and the kids.  The young people I met were really friendly, and I think a little surprised.  In my work clothes I am the most ordinary looking person: middle aged, average height, nondescript dress and appearance.  But get me talking about D&D and my gaming group, etc. and I'm definitely a gaming geek through and through.  As I said the kids seemed really friendly and I wish I had met more people like that thirty years ago when I got into this pasttime.  Plus the shirts were cool and for a good cause.

My current campaign is taking a few weeks off.  May is always a busy month here, and this year my son is graduating from high school.  He's going to college less than an hour away, but we will see if he continues to show up for D&D next year.  Right now, though, the campaign seems to be in a bit of a crossroads.  I could move the campaign in the direction of courtly politics and intrigue.  Or I could continue the mega-dungeon format, since there are levels yet to be explored.  Or I could move the campaign outdoors to a hex-crawl format.  I plan on getting some input from the group, but I'm anticipating a mixed response.  In the end, I suspect the issue will come down to a combination of convenience and enjoyment on my part.

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