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Deris Michno, Traveller NPC

"Back when I entered into the merchant service, I knew I could go far, given the chance. That employee recruiter from Webber Transports was pretty quick to sign me up, and I didn't disappoint him. Engines, computers, there wasn't anything I couldn't do. I made Fourth Officer and had hoped to make Third, but my supervisor said it was only a matter of time. Shows what he knows.

"My second term I was assigned to a transport ship called Tangerine Sky. A couple of years into the term the crew of the Sky became terribly ill in the middle of a run. The chief engineer and many of the other crew died, leaving us stranded in space. Even though I was pretty sick myself, I ended up being pressed into service in the sickbay. I heard after we were rescued that the Sky had been carrying medical supplies that were somehow contaminated and leaked into the environmental systems. Webber lost a ton of money on the deal, not to mention all the bad publicity. They dissolved the ship's crew, but it was a black mark on my record, and I had a hard time finding another assignment.

"The best I could do was end up serving on an old tub called Protos as navigator. The ship was barely running, and sure enough we had a near core meltdown that almost blew up the entire ship. I started hearing stories that people were saying I was bad luck, even though I had nothing to do with the Protos' problems. And of course no promotion--not after what had happened.

"At that point hardly anyone would take me on, even though I was as good as anyone in the service. I managed to get work driving rigs to and from the spaceport, pretty sorry work for someone with my skills. But everywhere there were stories about my previous ships and supervisors who were out to get me and would write me up for having a 'bad attitude.' I wasn't surprised when I got that envelope telling me I was getting passed over for a promotion again.

"Well, I figured that I would never get a fair shake at Webber--there was just too much politicking and back-stabbers there--so I took my twenty five grand in severance as well as a low passage in uncollected vacation time. I also got this here from a friend of mine on the docks. I know that there were plenty of people who were threatened by my abilities and didn't want me getting too high up. Well, if they try to screw me over again, I'll be ready for them.

"So, what do you say? You won't find someone better for your crew, I can tell you that."

Deris Michno AA4A97
Four term Merchant
Jack-of-Trades-1, Mechanical-1, Computer-1, Medical-1, Navigation-1, Wheeled Vehicle-1, Autopistol-1
25,000 Cr., autopistol, low passage


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