Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking forward to the End of the World

Not the literal one, although according to Scripture we Christians are supposed to come out okay, in theory...

Anyways, I mean "EOW" which is short for "End of the World."  The story behind EOW is that back in Columbus over twenty years ago a bunch of friends used to game together a homegrown system that combined three RPG's: Traveller, FASA's Star Trek RPG, and Morrow Project.  Basically the game used Traveller's life path, Star Trek's skill/attribute system, and Morrow Project's universe.  Unlike most gaming groups, they kept gaming this odd gumbo of an RPG ever since, occasionally restarting the Morrow Project timeline to re-envision the campaign.  They were (and are) a pretty insular bunch, never branching out into other gaming systems or anything, they were like a gaming time capsule.

Well, I was invited to join this group by one of the GM's (they are so old fashioned they call them "judges") and played for several years while living in Ohio.  The only met four times a year, with three sessions being run by one of the three different judges in an all-day event.  But playing the same post-apocalyptic RPG can get a little boring, so for the fourth annual session they would get together and do three days of gaming straight, with each day featuring one of the three GM's running a one-shot adventure taking place in whatever genre or universe they wished, with the only caveat being it had to have an "End of the World" theme and use their home-grown system.  Two years ago I was invited to fill in for an absent judge and I put together a "pulp magazine" style adventure where the heroes were attempting to prevent a madman from destroying the world.

Anyways, long story short I leave tomorrow for EOW.  When I left Ohio I promised my fellow enthusiasts that I would return for the three-day event, this year being held in South Carolina.  I'm not running a game this year, but I will present a detailed post-mortem of the event so you can enjoy vicariously the fun of doing a big, long gaming blowout and consider doing something similar in your own gaming community.

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