Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mystery RPG Box of Mystery!

I will admit, it was pure psychology.  I am visiting the Half Price Books near my house and as always am checking out the RPG section.  Interesting enough, they have multiple copies of the books from the Dark Heresy RPG, but even at half price are still prohibitively expensive.  On the floor by the RPG shelves, however, is this box:

I did not purchase the box at that point.  I went back to the store that evening and bought it, because it took me a few hours to succumb to the pure temptation of what might or might not be in a box that is roughly 24" wide, 14" long and 12" deep.  But I finally did, telling myself that at for thirty dollars I could almost not go wrong.  By the way, the box weighed at least forty pounds and was completely full, so we are talking two stacks, what could be almost two feet of gaming material.

So, here's the game.  I am going to open the box and slowly remove the contents, three books at a time.  I will show what three books I have removed from the box, including detailed reviews of the contents as strike my fancy.  I know that there's a good chance that most of it will be pretty undesirable, but if the people at HPB are smart they will throw a few gold nuggets in there.  I am also a pretty easy to please guy when it comes to RPG material, being able to adapt a lot of stuff to my own purposes.  That having been said, there are two types of materials for which I will be greatly disappointed should they appear in large numbers:
  1. OGL tripe.  The Open Game License, combined with inexpensive printing technology gave rise to a lot of material by third party sources for Dungeons & Dragons, 3.X edition.  Some was good, some was not so good, but at this point a lot of it is circulating in the unloved RPG market.
  2. World of Darkness material.  With the number of games White Wolf put out, the relaunches of existing worlds, and the ample source material, this is another staple of Half Price Book RPG shelves, and frankly I'm not all that interested.
Will my fears be realized?  Will I, at the end of twenty or thirty blog posts, felt like I wasted my money or was this the opportunity of a lifetime (or at least this week).  Stay tuned!


  1. I'm onboard. Can't wait to see what comes out.

  2. So will you remove the books blindfolded, to avoid tantalizing glimpses of titles yet unrevealed?