Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MHR Datafile: The Fly (Impact Comics)

First, a history lesson.  Impact Comics (sometimes erroneously called !mpact Comics because the logo was an exclamation point) was an attempt by DC Comics to reach out to younger readers by re-tooling intellectual properties they had acquired from Archie Comics.  The comics, while critically popular, never achieved success in the over-saturated comic book market and the masthead only lasted from 1991 to 1993.

I myself actually enjoyed the Impact line immensely, mostly because I wasn't caring for the surging "Iron Age" style of comics that were coming out from the Big Two and the new Image publishing house.  So, in homage to the short-lived attempt, I'm doing conversions of the Impact Comics characters for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.  Here's the first offering.

The Fly (Jason Troy)

Solo: d10
Buddy: d8
Team: d6

Slacker Teen
Bug-Eyed Hero

Power Sets

Insectoid Body
Enhanced Strength d8
Superhuman Reflexes d10
Acid Spew d8
Limit: Limited change.  If Insect Costume is shut down, the Fly can not transform into a normal human and gains d6 Inhuman Appearance complication. 

Insect Costume
Winged flight d8
Enhanced Durability d8
Enhanced Senses d8
   Limit: Gear.  Shutdown Insect Costume and gain 1 PP.  Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover gear.

Acrobatics Expert d8

Jason Troy was given an extra assignment by his mythology teacher, Mr. Abin for playing video games in class, to make a hero based on the most humble of creatures. Jason designed a superhero patterned after a fly, and his teacher rewarded him for his efforts with a pendant made of a fly trapped in amber. Jason soon learned that the pendant was not just jewelry, it turned him into the superhero from his assignment. He became the Fly, and used his powers to foil an arson attempt by a super-villain named "Burnout". After he defeated the flame-throwing thug, he suddenly changed back into Jason. Obviously confused, he went to find his mythology teacher and question him about the pendant. When he returned to school to ask his teacher about the pendant, nobody in the school remembered ever seeing his teacher.

Jason learned that the pendant could change him into his heroic alter-ego at will, so he continued his exploits as the Fly. He learned that using the Fly powers for a prolonged period of time physically exhausted him, and that he had cravings for anything high in sugar, like jelly doughnuts and pineapple juice. But he soon mastered his insect-like abilities (and urges). He also seemed to often lose track of time as the Fly, a fact that landed him in trouble at home several times.

Jason joined the Crusaders, and was trapped in the other dimension with them for three years.  Upon returning, it was revealed that he and the Jaguar had fallen in love and they were married. (Edited from Wikipedia)

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  1. Would've been great if, in addition to his sugar attraction, he also liked to walk around on poop and garbage.