Saturday, June 9, 2012

New MHR Speciality: Government

I don't know why this didn't make the list, especially given the introductory episode, but here's a suggested house rule:

     You have connections with police, military, and/or government organizations and officials.  You can navigate  governmental organizations and draw upon their resources.

A Government Expert has semi-official status with a particular governmental agency, such as SHIELD or the FBI.  They may actually be an agent, but a low-ranking one.

A Government Master actually directs an agency or has significant authority and leeway with the government, or is a politician with an elected position.

Government stunts include avoiding legal difficulties, calling in reinforcements, or interacting with law enforcement.

Government resources include acquiring transportation or military support, accessing records, or placing people under arrest.

Examples of figures with this specialty are Lex Luthor when he was the President of the United States, Tony Stark as director of SHIELD, or Silverclaw who was actually the mayor of the town in which he lived.

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