Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our first Marvel Heroic Roleplaying recap!

Here’s the campaign journal  to our first Marvel Heroic Roleplaying session.
Freedom City is hosting a peace conference between representatives of the Latin American country of Paragonia and members of the People’s Socialist Front, a leftist group of rebels who have been engaging in acts of insurgency to attempt to gain political reform in the region.  The talks are being mediating by U.S. Senator Jason Rybeck, an up-and-coming figure on the nation’s political scene.

Novice superheroes Positive Crisis and Mr. Eternity have volunteered to provide additional security for the conference, and are present when the plane arrives bringing the dignitaries.  The mysterious vigilante the Ferret is also on hand, quietly keeping an eye on things.  In the crowd the telekinetic Dr. Mind is present out of costume, just taking in the event, while Samkhara is at the airport bar looking for free drinks from pilots she can manipulate.  Meanwhile, the solitary gargoyle Abrasax observes as strange trail of fire heading for the airport.  His takes off in pursuit, curious as to what is going on.

Suddenly, the airport is attacked by Giganto, Feur, and several agents of Terror, Inc. (although the PC’s are unaware of their identities).  The Ferret and Dr. Mind battle Feur, while Abrasax, Mr. Eternity, and Samkhara attempt to stop Giganto and the agents.  Positive Crisis helps get most of the media and bystanders to safety, but then notices a third supervillain, Scorpia, has entered the jetplane obviously going after Sen. Rybeck and the Paragonia emissary, Hernan  Cortez.  He goes to rescue them.

Feur is defeated.  The other heroes defeat Giganto (with Abrasax and Giganto both getting engulfed in a burning vehicle) and Dr. Mind goes to help Positive Crisis, who has his hands full with Scorpia.  Seeing her fellow villains defeated, Scorpia escapes the plane along with a handful of Terror, Inc. agents.
In the transition scene, the heroes all introduce themselves, and Sen. Rybeck asked them to help transport the captured villains to a holding facility.  The heroes agree, although Samkhara is unable to identify the organization, despite her background in the criminal underworld.

While escorting the prisoners to jail, the convoy is attacked by Scorpia, a few agents of Terror, Inc. and their leader, Professor Muerte.  Muerte proves to be a powerful opponent, and seriously injured Mr. Eternity before blowing up several explosives placed around the bridge on which they are battling in order to make his escape.  Feur and Giganto escape with them.

The heroes fish out one member of Terror, Inc, that was thrown off the bridge (actually, he was compelled to jump by Samkhara) and Abrasax, assisted by Samkhara’s fear-generating powers, intimidates him into revealing where Terror, Inc is headquartered.  The agent cannot, however, tell them who hired them to attack the diplomats.  The PSF is the most likely candidate, however.

The heroes attack Terror, Inc’s headquarters in an abandoned warehouse by the docks.  Realizing that Professor Muerte is the biggest threat, they focus on him first.   The Ferret again finds himself squaring off against Scorpia, while Samkhara uses her powers to make short work of Feur and Giganto.  After the villains are defeated, Professor Muerte is unmasked to reveal that he is Hernan Cortez, the cabinet minister from Paragonia!  Cortez planned on disrupting the peace process and eventually killing the president, while the blame would fall on the PSF.  Cortez would seize control of Paragonia and use it as a base of operations for Terror, Inc.

The heroes reflect on the fact that, following the deaths of the Wonders (a trio of high-powered superheroes who died in an alien invasion) there hasn’t really been another group of heroes to take their place.  They decide to team up to fight evil (perhaps with Sen. Rybeck’s support).


  1. I recently bought this for my daughter (who is in college). I am hoping she brings this home at some point, instead of her laundry. Nice post!

  2. "headquarters in an abandoned warehouse" is classic. These cities superheroes live in all seem to have a lot of abandoned real estate!

  3. Oh I like this - Freedom City as setting, Champions bads as villains, and a brand new set of heroes all using the Marvel system to play it out. A+!

    I'm curious about your character stats - would you consider posting up your villains, at least?