Friday, March 8, 2013

So I played Marvel Heroic Roleplaying...

...and here's what I thought.

The whole dice mechanic takes people a while to get used to.  I did some fairly straightforward combats to get people in the swing of how everything worked.

The fact that you can add an opponents damage die to your attack die meant there was a tendency for players to pile on opponents.

While some people liked the open ended, narrative feel of the game, others thought that it was too easy to talk your way into getting a better situation rather than just going with it "as is."

Miniatures helped keep track of who was with whom at a given time.

Having six players meant it was easy to get to 2D12 in the Doom Pool, thus ending a scene. Some players didn't like how that meant I could call a scene to an end fairly arbitrarily as a result.

All told though most people liked the fluid feel of the game and the fast pace of the action. More thought after some time to process.

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