Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing 13th Age and other things

Last Friday my original gaming group was supposed to gather for another session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying but it turned out only two players could make it, and since it was last minute I was only able to bring in one person from Group Two.

With only three, we decided to not bother with the pre-arranged MHR adventure but instead to try out 13th Age, using the pre-written mini-adventure in the back of the rulebook.  Their impression of the game is about the same as mine: it's a fine lightweight version of 4th Edition, with some clever narrative/story elements in PC creation to help get a handle on the background of your character.

At the end, the question was "how does it compare with other similar games?"  I was surprised to hear that while everybody thought the "icon relationships" and "one unique thing" was pretty cool, the lighter rules didn't necessarily impress people.  The players liked having a greater variety of options available when it came to combat, rather than the handle of often "flexible" maneuvers that could be done in 13th Age.  Apparently the hybrid of what I think of as "traditional" RPG mechanics and more novel storytelling games mechanics hit one player funny.  "I think that if you're going to go with a storytelling style game, you might as well go all the way and do dice pools, etc." he said.

A few other things:

  • I got my first repayment from the second Kiva loan I did.  That's cool, and I'm putting the money back into the hobby budget.
  • This week is Group Two, which hasn't had the best track record so far.  I'm wondering if it will work out.
  • I'm also finding gaming weekly to be a challenge, and dedicating that much time to the RPG hobby has had an impact of my miniatures painting.  I'm not obligated to keep that hobby steadily going, but I'm thinking some sort of re-alignment of some kind is in order.
  • I'm still wondering if I could change game systems out of MHR.  The group seems to like it, but it feels stale to me.
  • EOW is coming up soon.  More on that later.

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