Saturday, January 4, 2014

GMing: The Next Generation

Friday isn't my regular game night, but I had some company--someone who has regularly appeared as a "guest star" in many of my home games, and with a free evening we decided to do something fun and different: let my son, Mac, get behind the GM screen.  Mac had been wanting to GM for a while, but had been nervous about it, especially in front of the regular gaming group.  He had, however, picked up a free module from Mythmere Games for their Swords & Wizardry RPG.

It's a fairly straightforward story: a village is destroyed, a hidden lair revealed, and the PC's go in to clean house.  There's some cause-effect elements where you can easily die through player stupidity, some simple problem solving, etc.  And there's four pre-generated PC's.  Mac was clearly glad to be running a game for the visiting guest, his sister, and me, and he did a good job.  I helped with some rules issues, but many times I told him the OSR creed: you're the GM, just make a call.

So like I said, he did pretty well and we all had a lot of fun, which in the end is what this hobby is really about.


  1. I agree, he is the GM, rules are fine and all that but in the end, it's about having a fun game. Glad it went well. Happy 2014.

  2. Afterwards, he and I also had an interesting conversation about player agency and who shapes the game and how. He's wrapping his head around these big, abstract concepts, which is neat to see and will serve him well in gaming and other stuff, too. I was so glad to be there and "guest star"!

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