Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wrapping Up

As I mentioned last week, two of my players welcomed in a wonderful baby boy last week (and there was much rejoicing).  This prompted me to throw together a D&D 4E dungeon crawl for four of the other players (including both my children), and a "guest star," the child of another player.

I'll say right now, when you have three players under fourteen years of age, with unfamiliar characters, and you're playing Fourth Edition, and your're just doing a three-encounter railroad, you need to adjust your expectations a bit.  Especially when it is four hours long.

Moving on, I'm running into the inevitable holiday-related gap in gaming that accompanies both Spring Break for the kids and the Easter season, when work up-ticks for me.  Because we only game every other Friday, this means that missing a Friday or two can mean that we end up going a month or more without gaming.  As a result of the vagaries of the schedule, we are going to not be gaming in March, and will likely miss out on most if not all of April.

This prompted one of my players to ask if he could take a turn behind the screen.  He's been trying to develop his own RPG based on Mass Effect, and was hoping to maybe run the game through the Spring and Summer.

Does this mean that this blog is going silent?  Not at all.  I was actually thinking of using the downtime to re-constitute the game, which could mean either a) just coming up with a new plot for the MHR campaign, b) sticking with superheroes but changing rules (there's been some complaints about MHR), or c) doing something totally different.  We'll see how the year shapes up.

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