Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day After Independence Day Gaming

Mass Effect meets Leverage. Sci-if caper goodness!  The plot featured the team tracking down an illegal cyberware operation working out of a high-end hospital.  The team went in undercover but ended up running into an old villain who recognized us and tried to escape.  One hovercar chase later, and we had captured him.

Good session, although it was pretty chaotic at times.  It's a strange thing to say, but I have an observation that is in many ways my fault.  I usually host the gaming session in my basement with my big 4' by 8' gaming table, but this weekend I really didn't have the time to get everything cleaned up and ready, so we gamed at another player's house.  Space was cramped and there were a lot of players (including several young ones), and it was sometimes hard to hear the GM, and the whole layout contributed to the level of chaos.  I clearly need to get my house cleaned up before the next game!

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