Friday, May 22, 2015

The Black Monolith is destroyed

Warning, spoilers for the module "The Tomb of Abysthor" lie ahead..

Tonight the group (at least a select five of them) managed to make it to the infamous Black Monolith of the Tomb of Abysthor. They fought past frogmen cultists...

Frog men and giant frogs?  Charge!
...Sphinxes with deadly riddles, and finally to the monolith itself, where they discovered the only way to destroy it was by making the ultimate sacrifice: levels of experience points!  What's worse, only one PC was the right alignment, Lawful Good!

The rest of the party?  Neutral good, the classic PC alignment.

His sacrifice was greatly respected by all, and the group swore to help him find a way to restore him, aside from just grinding on low-level monsters.

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