Thursday, May 28, 2015

The "What Are You Good At" GM Challenge

Aside from posting about gaming sessions, I've been not doing a lot of blogging on this blog lately, so when Adam over at Barking Alien posted his What Are You Good At GM Challenge, I took the bait.

So I have to list five games I am great at running, three I am not so hot with, five reasons you consider yourself a good GM, and three things you feel you need to work on.

Before I do this, a sidebar.  I've had people tell me I'm a great GM, but some times I just don't see it.  I had a conversation last week where I began to wonder if I do this well at all, in fact.  So I have to overcome my own skepticism to do this list.  Also, I appreciate how Adam thinks that people have run eight different games.  God love that guy....

Without further equivocation...

Games I am great at running:

Old School Fantasy (the "murderhobo" campaign)
Picaresque Science Fiction (aka "Free Trader" sci-fi)
Pulp/Adventure stories

Games I am not so hot with

Cosmic Horror (aka Call of Cthulu)
Epic Fantasy
Military-style RPG's

Five Reasons You Consider Yourself a Great GM

Large Group Management
Acting in Character
Recruiting Players

Three Things I Need to Work On

Incorporating PC backgrounds into a campaign
Pre-session preparation
Maintaining a consistently serious tone

So there you go!  I hope this gets your own gears spinning to think about what you do well (or not so well).  Thanks to Adam for the great blog post idea.

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