Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday gaming recap: the giant falls

Trying to depict gaming in a dungeon that just turned 90 degrees.
After the Prophetess debacle in the last session, the group decided to use the chaos and carnage of the three-way battle between the Puppeteers, the Parliament of Bone, and the Children of the Third House to try to take at least one of the major gangs off the board.  After some research and intel collecting, the group decided the easiest group to neutralize would be the Puppeteers.  And, after shaking down a halfling named Greeble, they knew where to look.

The Puppeteers home base was a weird layout of cylindrical hallways filled with golems and in one chamber a pulsing magical furnace.  After Sign (the party's thief/fighter assassin) ganked the head Puppeteer with one blow, the entire compound began to move.  Or more accurately, stand up.

The whole base was a colossal sized golem with a hollow interior.  It also was about to self-destruct.  Alaric the monk, Corwin the cleric, and Roghanj the sorcerer all make it out before it exploded.  Sirdos the warlock made it down into one of the legs, but Sign stayed in the chest cavity.  

In the rubble of the destroyed mega-golem, Sirdos was found critically injured, but restored by Corwin.  Sign, however, was truly dead.  For the second time in the campaign, a PC had died. 

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