Monday, September 28, 2015

Pre-EOW post and taking a break

Author's note: EOW is the annual three-day gathering of my friends where we spend those days doing three independent day-long gaming scenarios using a homegrown ruleset.  You can learn more about EOW by clicking on the EOW tag on the right-hand menu bar of the blog.

This year for EOW I'm doing a Star Trek scenario taking place in the middle of the Deep Space 9 series around the early part of the war with the Dominion.  I have no less than nine players, so I decided the best thing to do would be to break them up into two groups: a Federation crew and a Klingon crew, each with their own (underpowered) ship.  It is a complicated session for me.  For one thing, I'm not that familiar with DS9.  Two, there's the number of players, although they are used to being in a big group.  Three, the scenario is long and complicated in order to fill an entire day, but I'm worried because you never know when something will go off the rails and the whole thing grinds to an early stop.

In the meantime, I'm taking a little break from the D&D game for the month of October.  While that is happening largely because of calendar issues, I also just felt like I needed the break.  The game has been steaming along nicely, with the players continually engaged in a plot that seems to be going places,  But I have been running this campaign three times a month since January, and the pace is a little exhausting.  Moreover there comes a point where you just need to do something different in terms of genre.  Hopefully EOW will scratch that itch, either between my running Star Trek, playing in the "Traveller" game on Sunday, or whatever is happening Friday.

I keep thinking there should be some sort of "endgame" to the campaign coming up in the near future.  I can see two major plot points that need resolution:

  1. The stabilization of Grimfest.  PC's as rulers, PC's as merchant princes, whatever.  That's for them to decide.  The players have made it clear their intention to wipe out three out of four of the known gangs in Grimfest, while setting up the fourth as part of the rebuilding of the city.
  2. Rescuing their lost assassin, Sign.  Sign died outright two sessions ago, but after consultation with the player I realized that her seemingly irrational actions were the result of not understanding what was going on in gameplay.  As such, I felt like I could give the PC and character a bit of a reprieve, but still hang a plot on it.  In the process, however, I ended up opening a potentially long and complicated quest to recover her from drow slavers.  So on this thread I have three options: go with the campaign for a few more months than I would have otherwise, compress the quest down, or just have Sign never be recovered.  That last one would leave the group dissatisfied, however.
The group, for whatever it is worth, is still really enjoying the campaign, so that's good at least.  I'm just trying to figure out how long I have until it switches to something else.

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