Monday, October 19, 2015

A quick note to the world

I want my Star Trek to be about solving problems not by jumping around a lot but by being an intelligent, principled human being, I want my Star Wars not to be about emo superheroes but about underdogs becoming swashbuckling heroes.  And for God's sake I want my superheroes not to be a bunch of post-modern crypto-fascist BS but contemporary myths about heroism.

End thought.


  1. Thank you.

    Although...I am not sure that's the vibe I get off Supers in general these days. The vibe I get - and don't want - is "regular people will instantly be afraid and hate people with special abilities who genuinely want to help them." This is joined by "no one in the world is really nice, or good by nature so super people must be as thoroughly messed up as your average middle-American high school junior."

    Go away with that crap. Please! I was tired of that when it was 'in'. That was 20 years ago. Stop.

    1. I guess this is why I'm digging the Flash TV series right now: he's a fairly decent guy with reasonable flaws who wants to help people and inspire heroism in others. Nothing wrong with that.

      I think that there was a lot of deconstruction of the genre going on, some by people who I think genuinely do not like comic books or their fans (I'm looking at you, Mark Millar, you sick SOB). One of my friends and I were having a good discussion recently about what our tendencies in superhero storytelling these days says about us as a society, and I suspect there is a lot of that sense of a) suspicion of the government and people in power and b) the notion that snarkiness makes you sound smarter, that is manifesting itself in comics.