Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I want in my supers game pt. 1: Diversity

I think that Tumblr is the Wild West of the blogosphere, but there's a couple of tumblr blogs I really like, one of which is Superheroes In Full Color.  It's a blog that focuses on superheroes and comic book creators of various ethnicity.  There's been a lot of movement in Marvel to increase diversity among their roster of superheroes, both in terms of race, gender, and culture, and I think it's a good thing even if it is at the expense of some long-established characters (and honestly, it really isn't at their expense, since the original Captain America, Thor, and Captain Marvel are still in circulation).

A long time ago I read an article (perhaps in Dragon Magazine in their old Ares section, I'm not sure) about diversifying your superhero campaign.  It mentioned, among other things, that if you had about a 1:1,000,000 of superbeings to normal people, there would be over a hundred superheroes or supervillains from Mexico.  (I have read, believe it or not, the defense of the overwhelmingly tendency to have superheroes from "first world" countries to be because of the prevalence of nuclear energy in those countries, because most superpowers come from radiation.  Whatever.)

So, in my superhero campaign of the future, one of the things I am going to have in my campaign is a healthy but not forced bit of diversity among the characters.  What's really great is that Superheroes in Full Color often has pics from small-run indie superhero comics whose images I can "borrow" to represent my own characters and not have them recognized by players.  Let me just throw some of those pics up here so you can get a feel for what I'm talking about.

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  1. I love that blog. It's one of my favorite things to check out on Tumblr.