Saturday, December 5, 2015

Double feature gaming recap: Ladies' nights!

So pretty much since this gaming group began, all those years ago when I answered a flyer in my FLGS, there have been two GM's: myself and the guy who comments on this blog as "J Evans."

Not too long ago, my son decided he wanted a crack at running a game, first using a Free RPG Day module and then his own one-shot of a "Fallout" game using d6 Space.  Shortly thereafter, J Evans' son decided to take a crack at running an actual campaign, a D&D 4E campaign that has been meeting about once a month for the past few months.

That seemed to open the floodgates.  My daughter decided she wanted to run a fantasy one-shot, just to see what it was like, and despite being the youngest person in the group they went for it.  I served as her assistant, helping her run combats and citing relevant rules when necessary.

Then, Rachel, another member of the group, wanted to try a mini-campaign of a totally different genre: a "Walking Dead" style zombie game using FATE.  I was excited to take FATE out for a spin, and also curious to see how one of the most detail-oriented players would be as a GM.

In the FATE game I played Doug Spohler, Rural High School Science Teacher.  I felt Doug needed a character sketch on his sheet.

My daughter's game was fun, although sometimes she would go down the rabbit hole of knowing what was going on in the game but not communicating it to us.  Rachel's game was also fun, even though the group was pretty large (eight players, which is more than what I usually schedule at my table).  Rachel will play a second session later this month, so I hope this maybe evolves into something more.

I think it is cool, though, how after several years players feel comfortable enough to try their hand at running a game.  It is a different feel from behind the screen, and a couple of people have mentioned how much they appreciate what a GM has to manage, and how player's behavior impacts what they do.  So in addition to some new gaming opportunities, we all might become better roleplayers as well!

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