Monday, December 28, 2015

The early 2015 Recap

It's highly unlikely that I am going to do any gaming in the next three days (especially with guests in my house) so I thought I would get an early start on the "year in gaming" posts out there.

Most of 2015 was spent with my trotting out the new fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons and running it in about every ethos you could imagine: mini-dungeons, mega-dungeons, wilderness adventures, urban adventures...  We are not done with the campaign yet, but it'll happen soon.

In addition to D&D I also ran a session or two of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying with the infamous Deathwish Brigade for the kids, and of course ran the homegrown RPG that is the hallmark of the annual EOW event.  I also trotted out Champions (Hero System, fourth edition).

What's surprising, when I looked over the last year, is how many RPG's I played.  Ultimate Hero, Cypher, Fate, EOW, D&D 5E, and Space d6.  What's really cool is that out of the seven different RPG settings in which I've played, four were from people in my own gaming group and three of those were first-time GM's.  So at least in my own little corner of the RPG-verse, things are growing.

What does 2016 hold?  Beats me, really.  There are now five people in my gaming group who have run a game, and a sixth who has expressed an interest.  Another person in the group has been running a campaign on the side for just himself and his wife.  The days (years) of either me or J Evans running "the game" for the group might be ending, to be replaced by a much more pluralistic culture where there are lots of different games being run all the time.  Now scheduling all that nonsense is probably the least cool thing about it...

I don't think of this blog as being particularly active, but 2015 was the blog's best year to date in terms of visits, clocking in 12675 hits at the moment of this writing of this post, or an average of 1,056 hits a month.  That's a lot of great support from all of you, and I really appreciate it.

I hope all of you have a great time in the year to come.


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