Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Friday night game recap: Airships!

The other Rob took over my D&D game once I had wrapped up my Grimfest storyline, and last Friday ran his first session.  I'm playing Maarku, a human barbarian/gladiator who had fought his way out of the slave pits to freedom.

The group is approached by an ambassador from the Windsong Islands to ask if we could travel there to help the recently-widowed Majestrix consolidate her claim to the throne.  Opposing her are rebels called the Sea Vipers and a neighboring country controlled by a council of mages.  The big reveal for the session was the existence of airships, flying craft powered by magically-controlled air elementals.

The group knows a plot hook when we see one, so we headed off to the Windsong Islands.  We were attacked by pirates, met the Majestrix, and tried to find clues to the mysterious island where a pearl that allows someone to scry at great distance (and presumably help the Majestrix defeat her enemies) can be found.

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