Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Night Recap: the Force is startled!

The latest campaign in my gaming group launched, in this case a Star Wars (West End Games) campaign run by John.  It takes place around Episode VII, so it is the First Order as bad guys.

My daughter is playing a young female bounty hunter, so I'm playing the Wookie First Mate.  I'm her dad's old partner who is now showing his "niece" the ropes.  As "Uncle Gar" I decided I wouldn't speak in character, but instead would growl and write what I was saying on a notepad so Basha, my daughter's PC, could communicate it to the other players.  Here's a quick pic of the pad, partway through the session:

It was a lot of fun because sometimes my daughter would go "I don't get that joke" or "I totally agree" but then not tell the other players what I had "said."

The other PC's are a Brash Pilot, a Smuggler, a Scout, and a Failed Jedi.  The game is off to a good start as the bunch of us escape a First Order gulag and the bounty-hunting pair decides to team up with the Resistance PC's to hunt down First Order bad guys and collect the bounties.


  1. Yes! Love to hear about people playing WEG Star Wars, especially kids, and especially the kids of friends! :)

    Sounds like a ton of fun WQRobb.

  2. Barking Alien, I'd like to thank you for your musings on Star Wars gaming and the Force in particular, it was very helpful while planning this campaign.