Wednesday, August 3, 2016

RPGaDAY 2016 Day 3: most proud moment?

Character moment you are proudest of?  (Or, says the grammarian, the character moment of which you are the most proud.)

This is a tough one for two reasons: first, I rarely actually am a player.  The fact that I'm playing in not one but two RPG's right now is such a rarity that I can not remember the last time that happened.  Second, I tend to not be a "in the spotlight" player.  I get a lot of attention when I run games--I don't need it as a player.  In fact, I know how hard it is on GM's when they have to juggle lots of people who want their PC to have "their moment."

So my modus operandi is to play characterful support PC's, like Doug Spohler, high school science teacher in the "Fate of the Dead" campaign or Garaatha the Wookie sidekick/mentor to my daughter's bounty hunter in Star Wars.  Even in D&D 4E I played a Tiefling Warlord, mostly there to boost and heal the rest of the party.

When I was younger, I tended play the (hopefully) charming but obnoxious PC.  Lane Mastodon from Robotech, Fargo Wells from Star Wars, and Amazing Man from Champions were virtually identical personae.  Over time, that rap got stale and I stopped trying out adolescent power and personality fantasies vis a vis roleplaying.

As a result, my own sense of what makes me proud as a roleplaying doesn't always fit the mold.  I'm not psyched up about being the beneficiary of a random d20 roll or pounding the last hit points out of a major bad guy.  I was really proud of my portrayal of a pre-gen PC (almost DNPC) in the last EOW Traveller session where I was a woman who was on a planetary colony that had discovered a veritable fountain of youth and were thousands of years old.  I figured the human psyche wasn't designed to live that long, and played the woman as profoundly crazy, even suicidal.  I liked playing Spohler as the troubled everyman who becomes more and more brutal throughout the campaign in order to keep his friends alive.  And I'm enjoying playing the pseudo-father figure in Star Wars to my actual daughter, and can't wait to see how that develops.

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