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Alice, Queen of Hearts (Cold Steel Wardens conversion)

I thought I would try out the Cold Steel Wardens and begin by converting some NPC's from other supers games.  My favorite from Silver Age Sentinels is Alice, Queen of Hearts.  She just needed to be powered-down a little.

Alice, Queen of Hearts

Magnetism 4
Accuracy 5
Force 3
Intelligence 5
Agility 5
Nerve 3
Awareness 4
Psyche 3

Pace 7
Defensive Value 8
Wealth and Status
Physical Strain 12
Mental Strain 12

Physical Skills
Armed Melee 2D+5, Armed Ranged 5D+5 (Pistol), Athletics 3D+3 (Parkour), Stealth 6D+5 (Move Silently, Stake-Out), Unarmed Combat 4D+5 (+1D Damage)

Investigative Skills
Canvass 3D+5 (Underworld), Examination 1D+4, Investigation 3D+4 (Pick out detail), Notice 4D+4 (Spot Ambush), Research 3D+5 (Internet)

Social Skills
Deception 4D+4 (Bluffing), Intimidation 3D+4 (Taunts), Intuition 2D+4, Persuasion 4D+4 (Seduction), Reputation 2D+4

Knowledge Skills
Criminal 4D+5 (Metahuman Assassins), Cultural 3D+5 (Art), Esoteric  0D+5, Historical 2D+5, Scientific 2D+5

Technical Skills
Driving 2D+5, Fine Manipulation 4D+5 (Explosives), Mechanics 3D+5 (Sabotage), Piloting 0D+5, Vehicle Combat 2D+5

Masteries: Case the Joint

Powers: Telekinesis 4D (Fine Targeting)

Flaws: Sinner (Greed), Hunted (Police), Secret (former member of British metahuman assassin group)

Memories: the day her powers first appeared, being trained by the black-ops program
Motivations: to make enough money to be safe, to have fun doing it
Stances: "Oh, I'm too smart to get caught."  "You don't know anything about me."

Equipment: Medium pistol, Kevlar-lined costume

Background: Alice was a psychic mutant born in the rough part of London whose powers manifested after being assaulted by a hoodlum.  Despite trying to keep it a secret, she was noticed by a very shadowy branch of the British intelligence community which was trying to develop metahuman assets for covert operations.  Alice was forcibly recruited and trained as an assassin.  Eventually she was able to break free of the control of her superiors and began a freelance career.

In a Cold Steel Wardens campaign Alice, Queen of Hearts could be traveling to New Corinth to branch out into a new and lucrative market as a gun-for-hire for one of the major crime families.  She is substantially less powerful than her Silver Age Sentinels iteration, lacking her force field for example.


  1. Awww you can't power down Alice! (I get it I get it)

    Silver Age Sentinels - Such a well done book and an interesting system and it's just receding into history. Glad to see a piece of it show up here.

    1. I like SAS a lot too, even snagging multiple copies of the game from used books stores, but I found the possibility of "beardiness" in PC creation to be even worse than Champions, even among the sample characters. Alice, for example, has a limitation that she only use her force field at full power.'s that a pointworthy limitation?
      Anyways, there's actually a few NPC's from that game that would work for Silver Age Sentinels: Caliburn, Janus, etc.


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