Monday, October 10, 2016

Caliburn (Cold Steel Wardens conversion)

Caliburn (Adam Sinclair)

Magnetism 2
Accuracy 3
Force 5
Intellect 4
Agility 5
Nerve 5
Awareness 4
Psyche 4

Physical Skills
Armed Melee 4D+5 (Batons), Armed Ranged 3D+3 (Pistols), Athletics 4D+5 (Long Jump), Stealth 4D+5 (Silent Takedown), Unarmed Combat  5D+5

Investigative Skills
Canvass  4D+2 (High Society), Examination 3D+4 (Microscope Usage), Investigation 4D+4 (Quick-Analysis), Notice 3D+4 (Keen Hearing), Research 3D+4 (Books/Library)

Social Skills
Deception 2D+2, Intimidation 4D+5 (Threats), Intuition 4D+4 , Persuasion 3D+2 (Negotiation), Reputation 4D+2 (Aristocracy)

Knowledge Skills
Criminal 4D+4 (Serial Killers), Cultural 2D+4, Esoteric 3D+4 (Myths and Legends), Historical 4D+4 (Medieval History), Scientific 2D+4

Technical Skills
Driving 3D+4 (Car), Fine Manipulation 3D+4 (Lockpicking), Mechanics 2D+4, Piloting 0D+4, Vehicle Combat 2D+4

Masteries: Boxing Combat Style, Hardened

Equipment: Escrima sticks, two smoke grenades

Memories: Gaining his powers from “The Lady of the Lake,” his girlfriend being murdered
Motivations: Bringing Janus to justice, Restoring the status of masked heroes
Stances: “Janus must pay,” “Seek justice in the present, not the past,” and “We are meant to be something better”

Flaws: Horribly scarred, Obsessed with vengeance

Background: Adam Sinclair was an archaeology student who was studying ancient  British mythology.  He became friends with Jennifer Randall, a detective for Scotland Yard investigating a series of murders emulating Jack the Ripper.  Sinclair began to see visions of Randall being stalked by the killer, a wealthy dilettante named Zachary King.  Finally in one of the visions he came across a lake, and drinking from the lake heard a female voice which said, "Why do you seek justice in the past?"  He awoke back at his camp possessed by a purpose: to become a new knight for this era.  He called himself Caliburn (a variation on Excalibur) and helped Randall pursue and eventually capture King, who know had evolved into a killer of masked heroes named Janus.

Janus escaped prison, and after several clashes with Caliburn Janus killed Jennifer Randall and horribly scarred Sinclair.  Now Caliburn has tracked Janus to New Corinth, and the scarred knight will not rest until he has written the final chapter in his conflict with the serial killer.

Author's Note: Caliburn is Silver Age Sentinel's "Batman," a low-powered skill-based hero (clocking in at 125 points instead of the recommended 175 for PC's).  As such he didn't need much tweaking concept-wise, except I didn't have the construction points to give him either his shadow-based invisibility or Sixth Sense.  Like Alice, Queen of Hearts, I built Caliburn using the same construction guidelines as normal PC's to show what Cold Steel Wardens Players Characters would look like. But if I were to use him as an NPC I could always add the two powers back in, although they really aren't necessary for the kind of superhero he is supposed to be.

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