Saturday, November 12, 2016

Friday Night Recap: The D&D Postlude

I felt it would be good and fair to run one more session of the Grimfest D&D campaign (aka "The Bad News Bears") in order to resolve a loose thread of a plot point: the fact that the group had never managed to find the missing fiance' of their elven druid, Calidis.  So I dusted off my GM screen and ran one more session for the Bears.

A drawing of the angel descending.  There's a lot going on in this picture.
The PC's managed to trace a clue indicating that Calidis' fiance' was being held by an efreet in his palace on the Prime Material plane.  After clashing with fire giants, fire elementals, and even young red dragons, the PC's were able to rescue him (and possible his "love the one you're with" girlfriend).

I don't would to sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but the adventure had lots of madcap action, problem-solving, and dramatic tension.  Oh, and a cleric who had an 11% chance of having their goddess intervene rolled an 09, hence the angel reinforcement depicted above.  It reminded me of why I love running the fantasy genre (and why I should get back to it soon).


  1. Since you and I talk separately from the blogs, I know how some of this must've felt really good - both to pull off effectively, and to have closure.

    Kudos my friend! Sounds like a darn fine outing. :)