Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bash RPG One-Shot [Game Recap]

With all the craziness going on right now, I took some good advice and set aside complicated plans for long campaigns but instead ran a one-shot of Bash, a fairly rules-light superhero RPG.

I also took a break from the norm by setting it in the Golden Era of Comics, with the PC's being a group of patriotic superheroes called The Defenders who are called on by FDR himself to battle the Third Reich.  They are led by American Wonder, with his teammates Pyre, Cosmo, Nitro, Haute Couture, and Blind Fury.  By the time the session was done they had battled Nazis, Tiger tanks, and eventually the Nazi's top-secret weapon, the supervillain Ubermensch!  Thankfully they were not alone, being joined at various times by the stubble-jawed Sgt. Brick  and Pat Parker, War Nurse (along with her Girl Commandos)!

Pat Parker, War Nurse is an actual comic book heroine from 1946, depicted here in a bit of fan art.
Bash is a pretty fun, easy system that my group picked up right away.  I have to tell you, I needed this.  I needed a light-hearted gathering of my friends at my new (temporary) digs, full of laughter and fellowship (and macaroni and cheese with bacon, although that came back to haunt me big time later that night).  Hopefully in the next few months things will settle down and I can focus on something more long-term, but until then this was great.

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