Monday, March 6, 2017

Enter the Miscreants!

I haven't been doing much on this blog for lots of reasons (including major life changes), but it isn't as if I am doing nothing all this time.

My gaming group played their third session of the game Bash! a few weeks ago, a game session that introduced an mysterious NPC group of metahumans (aka the Miscreants), an evil corporation (Kort Technologies, which only now I realize sounds like the Blue Beetle's Kord Technologies.  Damn.), and a handful of villains including Hot Rox, Brute, and Gunfire.

Gunfire is the latest NPC swiped from the book The League of Unfortunate Superheroes, the first entry from their modern section.  Gunfire was a DC comics character, part of the company's desperate attempt to catch up with Image and the Iron Age of comics with their "Bloodlines" event that introduced a slew of violently-named gritty "heroes."

Gunfire had the curious ability to shoot energy blasts from any object, meaning he could turn a wooden mallet (shown above), a teapot, or frankly anything but his actual body into a gun.  I'm kind of curious if the gloves of his super-spiffy disco spaceknight costume could have qualified.

Anyways, he was a fun 90's stereotype NPC villain to add to the game, and major pain for the heroes to bring down.  The players had a terrible night for dice rolling, so the villains made a much better showing of it than they should have.

Plot was pretty straightforward: a bunch of teen metahumans escape from a facility, rob a gas station for food and cash, and then head into the campaign city.  The PC's investigate the robbery (clearly the work of superpowered beings) and then split into two groups: one to follow the thieves into town, the other to backtrack to see where they came from.  This lead to a "splitting the party" situation of which I'm always a little leery, but at least it took a huge group of players and broke them into two fairly manageable sizes.

In the future I'm hoping to run multiple sessions a month and only have part of the group at each session, but that requires a bigger output of gaming than I seem capable of right now, so we'll have to see.


  1. He looks like an evolution or a descendant of Champions "Lazer" or "Blowtorch"!

    "We're gonna bust my old man outta jail, get his laser gun back, and do some serious damage to this town!"

    I know how the life changes can interfere with the hobbies. Good luck on a resolution there. It is survivable, regardless of how it goes.

  2. I think my friend Rob here will be OK in the life changes department, at least in the long term. I have, dare I say it, faith.

    As for BASH!, sounds like a rocking good time. I am happy to see someone is getting use out of DC's ugh-worthy Bloodlines characters.

    1. They were a weirdly unintentionally self-satirizing lot. I always liked Argus, though. My other favorite just for camp value was Ballistic. When Jim Gordon introduces him to Batman he says, "he's been decorated for being wounded in action six times." "So he's good at getting shot a lot," Batman replies dryly.

      And yes, I also think I will be okay. Thank you.


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