Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gaming Night Pic

Here's a pic of my honest-to-God, mixed-gender, multi-generational gaming group, all together Friday night.

Good gaming session, actually one of my favorites that I've run in a while.  The group now has a flying ship that can transcend dimensions.  While flying over one of the layers of Hell they were attacked by an earthquake dragon and a bunch of vrocks (Vrock Lesnar, Vrock Obama, Vrock from Pokemon and Dwayne "the Vrock" Johnson).  One of them managed to hurl one of the PC's over the side of the ship, causing an outright panic.

Later (having saved the falling PC) they had a solid roleplaying session featuring an NPC uncle of one of the PC's, and a legit "which direction to you want to go in the campaign" question.  Player agency, woo hoo!

And then the third act featured a battle with a bunch of pod demons, which are just fun monsters with loads of weird powers, etc.

My group always begins by having dinner together: my classic pulled pork and no less than two different salads and vegan cupcakes.  We were curiously healthy this time around, which I appreciated (although there was still beer).

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