Friday, February 21, 2014

Dr. Mind and Samkhara are having a baby

Or, well, their player's are.  Today, even as we speak.

Some day I may write a little monograph on the interactions of married (or non-married) couples at the gaming table, but for the last 8.5 months our group has been excitedly awaiting the birth of Samkhara and Dr. Mind's players' first child.  This morning about 5.45 AM I got a phone call from Rob (aka "the other Rob") saying that Rachel had gone into labor, and could I both pray for them and go take their dog to the kennel to be boarded.  Rachel insisted on being handed the phone and through an epidural-induced haze said to me, "I'm so sorry this happened on game night!"

I assured her this was more than all right, but she went on to say, "bring the group over and we will play here!" but I told her that really wasn't necessary and that we would just await the inevitable defeat of the the Zodiac when they return to the table.

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