Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Ultimate Posse makes its move!

In the last gaming session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, the PC hero team "The Ultimate Posse" had raided a Viper base and uncovered the origins of a meta human baby who was returned to his parents.

This week had the heroes gathering together for a planning session to strike at the heart of the villainous organization called the Zodiac. After a lengthy discussion a four-fold plan was hatched. First, Samkhara the emotion-manipulating archer would, in her guise as the super villain Trauma apply to the Zodiac as a replacement for Sagittarius, whom Taurus had killed for her failure to acquire the baby. Abrasax the Guardian Garoyle, in his guise as the vampire Baron Von Blood, would then apply to be Scorpio, a seat vacant on the roster. With the Ferret already ensconced as Libra, the three Posse members would then be able (along with Scrapheap, posing as the robotic villain Blackbox) to disable the defenses of the space station used as headquarters for the Zodiac. 

Then, the rest of the Posse (Dr. Mind, Bubblegum, Union Galactic, and Mr. Eternity) would lead an assault team of UNTIL agents via spacecraft and take the base.  The undercover agents would attempt to remain close to Taurus and either ensure they escaped the base with him or, if the opportunity presented itself, take him out, possibly permanently. 

"Trauma" and "the Baron" were both welcomed as applicants by Taurus, but first they had to pass an initiation: win single combat against another member of the Zodiac determined at random (literally a die roll by the GM). Samkhara found herself battling Virgo, formerly Gale Force, while Abrasax had to fight Libra, aka the Ferret!

Samkhara surprised everyone by sticking to her archery rather than using her psionic abilities, and thus barely defeated Virgo. Abrasax was able to quickly subdue the Ferret with spells, however, and the Zodiac had two new members.

Collecting the newly reconstituted Zodiac together, Taurus reveals the developments of his latest plan: using the technology from Cancer/King Crab's ship, he has contacted the homeworld of the Celestial, one of the original three Wonders, and discovered that the Celestial was a prince in exile.  Now a delegation from the Prax Empire is coming to Earth, and Taurus plans on manipulating him or her into joining the Zodiac, since the Earth's governments are currently seeking the Celestial to stop him (admittedly the Celestial was resuscitated from the dead by Capricorn/Empyrean and went a little crazy). The delegation should arrive on Earth in two days.

Pressed for time, the Posse makes its move.  Scrapheap accesses the Zodiac's computer mainframe using his techno-manipulative powers and drops their defenses.  The assault team (Bubblegum, Dr. Mind, and Union Galactic and Mr. Eternity (the latter two NPC's because their players were absent) board the station with UNTIL troops.  Bubblegum defeats Gemini/Crowdsource in single combat, but Dr. Mind is shockingly defeated by Headstrong/Ares in the control room of the base.

The Ferret and Samkhara find Taurus, and tell him that the base has been lost (exaggerating the actual battle situation and using Samkhara's fear-based powers for effect).  Ares and Cancer show up with Dr. Mind, and Taurus teleports them away to avoid capture.

So as it stands now, the Ultimate Posse control the Zodiac's space station headquarters.  Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn are all captured (as well as Abrasax/Scorpio who is still undercover).  Taurus, Ares, and Cancer are all still at large, although being shadowed by the undercover Samkhara and Ferret.  Plus, Dr. Mind is now their captive.

And meanwhile, the Praxian delegation draws closer....

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