Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Big List of Games Played and Games Left on the Shelves

I had a nice chat with Barking Alien last night about games we own that we haven't played.  BA plays pretty much every thing he has ever owned, while on the other hand I own a gazillion games but have only played a handful of them.  That got me thinking about trying to come with a doubtlessly incomplete list of what I've played and not played.  Here's the list.

Played or Run more than Once
  • D&D (all iterations, including retro-clones) 
  • Cyberpunk (multiple editions) 
  • Champions (multiple editions) 
  • Vampire, the Masquerade 
  • Star Wars (West End Games) 
  • Star Trek (FASA) 
  • EOW's mash of Traveller, Star Trek, and Morrow Project 
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying 
  • Marvel RPG, SAGA Edition 

Games I've played in but haven't run
  • Robotech 
  • Toon 
One Night Stands (games run or played only for one session)
  • Call of Chthulu 
  • Rifts 
  • Shadowrun 
  • FATE 
  • 13th Age 
  • Ingenium 
Games I own but have never played
  • The Palladium Games 
  • Beyond the Supernatural 
  • TMNT 
  • Ninjas and Superspies 
  • Heroes Unlimited 

The "licensed games of things I like"
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  • Angel 
  • Leverage 
  • Primeval 
  • Serenity 
  • Star Wars (d20 and SAGA editions, and Edge of Empire) 
  • Babylon 5 
  • Hercules and Xena 

Fantasy Heartbreakers
  • Dungeon World 
  • Dragon Warriors 
  • HackMaster 
  • Rolemaster 
  • Middle Earth RPG
  • Sovereign Stone
  • World of Warcraft 
  • Blade Raiders

Japanese Anime RPG's
  • Mekton 
  • Jovian Chronicles 
  • Big Eyes, Small Mouth 
  • Demon City Shinjuku 
  • Dominion Tank Police 

Horror Games
  • Chill 
  • The Whispering Vault 


This is interesting--I'll have to think about this, even from a "understanding my own history" theory.

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