Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday game recap: frogs and skunks

My group has been exploring the Tomb of Abysthor, from Goodman Games, converted to 5E by Yours Truly.  The first go-round last week was a bit of a slow, riddle-laden slog.  This time they made more headway, doing quite a bit of exploration and making their way down a few levels (although leaving a lot behind them unexplored--always dangerous!)

Some of the denizens of the Tomb are giant frogs, and in the group's first encounter one of the clerics cast Charm Animal using his Channel Divinity power and turned two of the frogs on the other two.  Some of the PC's expressed a little discomfort at this...
Time for that hot giant frog-on-giant frog action...
Things were chugging along and we took a break to celebrate one of the player's birthdays.  We always do this with the traditional gift of a very geeky shirt (this time, featuring the comic book character Deadpool).  While eating cake, my dog rushed in through the dog door, smelling horrifically of skunk!  The group beat a hasty retreat from my house while my family struggled to get Lucy (and now, my house) free of the stench. Unfortunately it is very cold outside, so we couldn't keep her out or open windows to air everything out!

Oh my God, the smell!
Not the most glorious end to a gaming session, but a memorable one....

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