Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Favorite Things are becoming other people's Favorite Things

So, a bit of personal information.  I work in a private high school, and recently for Valentine's Day one of the teachers asked all the faculty to provide a favorite item to put in a display case for a collection called "My Favorite Things."  The items were numbered, and the students were given a sheet with the list of faculty members and had to try to match each item to its owner.  I contributed my copy of the 1st Edition AD&D Player's Handbook.

Humorously enough, most students actually ascribed the book to the Head of School, who had loved RPG's as a youth (thus proving what a cool school I work at).  But since three students at the school actually play in my current game, they began to quietly tell people the book was mine.

I don't have an advising group of my own, but usually sit in the Head of School's group on Wednesdays during Morning Meeting and yesterday he and I were joking around about the book (since the contest is now over).  One of the students began to animatedly ask me about my gaming background and, having learned that I had a game going on, said, "well, I can download the 5E rulebook from online and build a character for your game on Friday."

At which point I had to gently point out that I had not invited him to the game and that I already had a full table of players.  Oh, his crestfallen face.  When I shared the story with my son, Mac, he told me that another student had asked about joining the game as well!

Now, interestingly enough, another one of my players invited a friend to one of our gaming session recently.  This friend then came with his wife, who was also interested.

This poses a real conundrum for me, because I'm already juggling ten players, and really can not manage fourteen on my own.  So I'm considering some options here, including breaking the group into sections and seeing if other people want to GM.  My desire to expand interest in roleplaying games is hitting a hard wall of reality here.


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    1. I'm gratified that people find my games interesting, and also excited whenever new people become gamers, but I've definitely hit a threshold here.