Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ah, the Iron Age (of comics) returns

Is there any person who exemplifies the Iron Age of comic books better than Rob Liefeld?  Now I am a pretty critical person when it comes to the Iron Age, but I will admit that I bought the comic books (along with a gazillion other people) in hopes that it would lead someplace interesting.  It didn't.  It led to over-indulgences like foil-covers and bagged comic books hoarded away by collectors thinking the comics would put their kids through college in twenty years.

But hey, Rob Liefeld apparently got enough people to back his Kickstarter to start publishing Bloodstrike and Brigade again.  I'm suspecting ironic hipsters may be to blame here.

But the thing that brought a real smile to my face was Liefeld's "homage" covers that he drew for Bloodstrike.

On behalf of every comic book store owner who ever got burned by Liefeld's spotty work ethic, I would joke that these two comics took him eight months to create, except that apparently he just traced over work he already did.

Which is why I guess they are "homage" covers...

I am wondering if Liefeld's doesn't have some weird "Zardoz" like quality where his work is so bad and so campy that people actually love to read it and savor all the bizarreness it has to offer.

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